In 30 minutes or less, learn about:

  • Adjustable Mode Beam (AMB) Technology
  • How AMB Reduces Welding Spatter
  • AMB Welding Advantages
  • Cutting Versatility with AMB
  • Piercing Benefits of AMB plus High Peak Power

Plus, watch live demos and submit your Q&A questions.


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Dual Beam Technology Offers Unprecedented Beam Tunability

AMB fiber lasers provide independent and dynamic control of the size and intensity of the core and ring beams, enabling high-quality, high-speed, uniform welding. Any combination of a small-spot high intensity bright core and a larger ring-shaped beam can be configured to optimize material processing applications. The core, for example, can be used independently during cutting while the addition of the ring beam provides significant benefits for welding.

This webinar is ideal for those seeking to learn about the latest fiber laser technologies and how Adjustable Mode Beam lasers are increasing manufacturing capability, quality and productivity for industrial applications worldwide.