Diodes: The Power Behind The Fiber


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In 30 minutes or less, learn how diodes can help transform your company’s innovation, quality of product and overall throughput.

Webinar Details:

  • Wednesday, December 4, 2019
  • 2 PM EST | 11 AM PST
  • Presented by Dr. Toby Strite, West Coast Applications Director



Semiconductor diodes remain the preeminent technology for efficient, reliable and cost-effective conversion of electrical power into laser energy.

Diode lasers of various wavelengths and power levels are ubiquitous in consumer electronics, telecommunications and industry where they perform a diverse and ever expanding range of tasks. For industry, the most applicable diodes are near-infrared, watt-class devices formulated on GaAs substrates which are widely referred to as High Power Laser Diodes. High power diodes are directly applied to heat, harden, cut or weld materials that absorb in the near infrared. More commonly, high power diodes are precursors whose energy is converted to alternate wavelengths, for example by optically pumping a doped optical fiber to create a Fiber Laser, to address a broader set of laser material processing tasks.

Our Webinar is intended to assist prospective high power laser diode customers to understand this enabling technology. We discuss how high power diodes are manufactured, and how they are integrated into fiber lasers and other commercial products. Webinar attendees will gain an understanding of key performance parameters of high power diodes like their electrical conversion efficiency, wavelength stability and form factors. During our Q&A period and beyond, we look forward to discussing how IPG diode technology may assist you.